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Recommendation for our clients’ website hosting-Bluehost

Recommendation for our clients’ website hosting – Bluehost

*Kauai eBiz is not only a satisfied client but also an affiliate marketer of Bluehost. We get commissions for registrations made through links in this post. Click here to find out more. As a web design agency for small businesses, we have tested and used numerous web hosting services. After comparing those services, we concluded that Bluehost can be one

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keep your content fresh by Hawaii Web Design

Hawaii Web Design & SEO Guide – 7 simple ways to keep your content fresh

People hate old content. When you visit a website and find that it has not been updated for 3 years, probably you may not trust the content and leave the site. We love fresh content. When we see recently-posted articles, we feel that the site is well-maintained. We believe that the business/organization nurtures good relationships with their customers. Research shows

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Hawaii Website Manual

Hawaii Website Manual – WordPress, Gutenberg & Google Analytics

*This article is written for our clients of Hawaii Web Design Service. Congratulations!You have your own WordPress website now. Originally WordPress started as a blog platform. It has been developed constantly and became the most popular website platform now (Source: Wikipedia ). In this Webmaster manual, we will show you how to use WordPress, Gutenberg, Elementor, Google Analytics, and Google

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A Free gift to all our clients from Hawaii Web Design Company

A Gift from Hawaii Web Design Company To show our appreciation, we present all our clients a free gift by the end of 2018. It’s a beautiful mouse pad which represents the beauty of the island of Kauai. Since we started Hawaii Web Design Company 6 months ago, we have designed websites serving the purposes. We’ve designed each website as

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