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Complimentary Session for Your Web Contents

Web Contents Guide

Writing appealing web contents is very important to make a compelling website. Well written contents engage your readers to do more business with you. However, writing web contents can be a pain in the butt for the most business owners.

Don’t worry.

During our complimentary coaching session, we will guide you how to write appealing web contents.

In this page, let us give you a couple of tips to write good web contents.

Tips for Writing Good Web Contents

Tip1. Write As If You're Talking to One Ideal Client
(Instead of Speaking in front of Hundreds of diverse People)

Most business owners become passionate when they talk about their products or services to their clients in person. However, if they have to speak in front of hundreds of people who have all different interests, not many of them get excited. Actually, it’s a scary situation.

Writing web contents is the same. If you imagine that you are writing for hundreds of people who have all different interests, you cannot write the right contents. You would sound like shouting to the anonymous public. It will not resonate with your real customers.

The first step is to decide who your customers are. And select one ideal person and make his/her persona. Then write your contents as if you are talking to that person. Think in his/her head.

Find out what benefits he/she is looking for or what problems he/she is suffering from. Then you suggest the right features and the right solutions on your website.

Tip2. How To Grab Their Attention
(Your Visitors Don’t Read Your Site. They Just Scan.)

Our life is inundated with information. We are constantly distracted and stimulated. Especially when we surf the internet, it gets worse. Don’t expect that people visit your site and read it as if they read a classic book. Messengers, texts, twitters, or reminders will distract their attention.

They literally scan your site and decide to read more or click away within 5 seconds. How can we grab their attention?

Write a clear, concise, powerful and irresistible headline with the most relevant pictures. The headline leads them to read your sub-headlines. Then, the sub-headlines guide them to read the paragraphs. Eventually, the paragraphs lead them to answer your Call-To-Action!

Writing web contents is different than writing a blog or a book. It’s like making a bulletin board on the freeway. How can you grab drivers’ attention who are driving at 65 MPH on the freeway? It begins with a clear, concise, and irresistible headline and the most relevant picture.

"Compelling" Headline or "Confusing" Headline

All right. We just explained how to grab the attention of visitors. Let us show you a couple of examples.

The left bulletin board has a clear message, while the right bulletin board has a witty message. If your visitors know about your business already, the witty message can be effective. However, if they don’t know about you or your business, it may cause them confused. If they feel like wasting time, they will just click away within 5 seconds.

Unfortunately, many websites are making the same mistake. (When you visit random sites, you will be surprised how many websites are delivering confusing messages.) When you make your site, please write clear, concise and compelling messages. And choose the most relevant pictures. If you need a help, please contact us. We are willing to help you.

Kauai Web Contents
Business: Fast Food Restaurant
Message: We’re still open with great food.
Call To Action: Turn “Left at Light”
Kauai Web Contents
Business: Internet Security Service
Message: Explaining passwords isn’t interesting (?)
Call To Action: ???

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