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Recommendation for our clients’ website hosting-Bluehost

Recommendation for our clients’ website hosting – Bluehost

*Kauai eBiz is not only a satisfied client but also an affiliate marketer of Bluehost. We get commissions for registrations made through links in this post. Click here to find out more.

As a web design agency for small businesses, we have tested and used numerous web hosting services. After comparing those services, we concluded that Bluehost can be one of the best choices.

Why do we choose Bluehost?

Customer Services 

Bluehost provides exceptional customer services. When you open a chat window, they will respond within 5 minutes. (Mostly, right away.) They are ready to help you and educate you 24/7.

Free SSL certificate 

An HTTPS (HTTP Secure) connection is important not only to protect users data but also to enhance SEO (improving Search Ranks). Usually, it costs an additional $80-100 per year to set up HTTPS. Yet, Bluehost provide a 256 bit encrypted SSL certificate for free. 

Fast & Reliable

The more money you spend, the faster hosting service you will get. Yet, just because it’s expensive, that doesn’t mean it’s always good for you. For a family vacation, nobody will charter a 55-passenger coach bus. Just an SUV or a minivan will suffice.

In the same sense, Bluehost provides quite fast and reliable service at a reasonable price for small and mid-size businesses.

One of our clients is running 5 Mexican restaurants on Kauai and Oahu. They have an average of 200 visitors and 600 page views on the website every day. We host their site on Bluehost and to improve their speed, we added a CDN service. It perfectly works.

Another case was that my client has been using a slow hosting service for several years. They asked us to redesign their old site. Even though we launched a new website, the site loaded slowly because the hosting server was very slow. After we migrate the site to Bluehost, their loading speed improved from 6.xx seconds to 2.xx seconds.


Some hosting companies control their websites’ functionality. For example, GoDaddy has blacklisted numerous plugins, which means they will block when you install those plugins. They want you to use their services (GoDaddy’s paid service) instead of using the 3rd party plugins. Click here to the blacklist.

Bluehost provides flexible and optimal environments without restrictions.

How to open a Bluehost account

Step 1. Visit Bluehost’s homepage

Click the following banner or link to visit the Bluehost homepage.

▶ Link to Bluehost Homepage

Step 2. Click “Get Started”

Recommendation for our clients’ website hosting-Bluehost

Step 3. Select the Basic Plan

Step 4. Input your current domain name


Make sure you input correct spelling.

Kauai business website hosting

Step 5. Input Account Information and Payment Information

You can add extra packages later, so please uncheck them now. We will install basic plugins for back-up and security for your website.

Hawaii website hosting Bluehost

[In case you open a new domain address]

Step 4-a. Input your desired domain name

Step 5-a. Input Account Information and Payment Information

Even though you don’t need extra packages, we recommend purchasing Domain Privacy Protection. By law, the domain owner’s information will be displayed in public. So, after registering a new domain, you will receive a flood of spam emails and phone calls from all over the world.

When you purchase the protection, Bluehost will display Bluehost’s information in public instead of your personal information. And, when something important happens to your domain, Bluehost will contact you.

Step 6. Skip All Other Steps

As soon as you register your domain, Bluehost will ask you a series of questions about your new website project. You can just skip all of them and send the login information to your web designer/developer. We will take care of the rest of the work.

Also, if you don’t want to receive the advertisement emails from Bluehost, please turn off the email notification.

How to turn off the email Ads from Bluehost
(1) Visit your profile by clicking the icon on the right top corner.
(2) Turn off all promotional emails and newsletters.

Lihue web design hosting


There are many options for website hosting services. Choosing the right one based on your business size, purpose and budget is important.

After researching and testing numerous hosting services, we recommend Bluehost as a website hosting service for local businesses on Kauai. All our clients are satisfied with the Bluehost and their websites improved the search ranks by enhancing loading speed and installing HTTPS after they change to Bluehost.

If you want to find out more information about web hosting services, please check this article: Best Web Hosting (2019)

Also, please contact us if you have any questions.