The 808 Coworking Space Kauai

The 808 Coworking Space Kauai

The 808 Coworking Space is a shared office space in Lihue. It has 3 private offices, 1 conference room, and different kinds of desks (cubicle, counter, height-adjustable desk, etc).

We focused on user experience, so that site visitors can easily navigate the office space and register membership seamlessly. 

Also, we embedded Google Calendar on the Event page, so the site syncs with the manager’s schedule on Google.

One month after setting SEO, this site reached #1 in the search result of “Coworking space Kauai”, and “Shared office Kauai”.


  • Easy navigation to see the space and memberships
  • Seamless integration with the membership registration
  • Event Page syncing with Google Calendar
  • Integrating with Newsletter Subscription
  • Local SEO - Kauai coworking space / Kauai shared office