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portfolio Friends of King Kaumualii Kauai

Non-profit organization
Friends of King Kaumualii

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The non-profit organization, Friends of King Kaumualii, is focusing on the project erecting the bronze statue of the last king of Kauai. 

The last king, Kaumulaii saved thousands of lives of the island of Kauai by choosing a peaceful agreement with King Kamehameha who started a war to unify the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai is the only island that didn’t experience major battles at the time.

Many historic documents talk about how he ruled his Kingdom and people with wisdom, peace, and aloha learned from his mother.

The statue will be erected at Pāʻulaʻula (or Russian Fort) in Waimea to memorize his accomplishments.

This website has three sections:

The first section explains about the King and his life.
The second section shows how the bronze statue project is going on.
The third section is about the non-profit organization, The Friends of King Kaumualii.