Online Shop Website Hawaii

Paco's Tacos Online Shop Design

We focused on 2 things while designing the site:

1.Showing all locations
2.Online shop selling gifts


1. Showing All Locations

The problem started when Paco’s Tacos opened one more branch at Poipu.

Their old website couldn’t show all the locations. And, it caused confusions. Some customers ordered at Poipu but showed up at Kalaheo as the old website guided.

To fix the problem, we redesigned the website as emphasizing all locations. Since we launched the new website, it didn’t confuse the customers.

2. Online Shop Selling Gifts

We used Woocommerce plugin to set up Online Shop and connected to Square payment system which they’ve already used.

It’s easy to manage the size, color, price, shipping and inventory. When they get orders, Woocommerce send them an email in real time.

Google Analytics shows that the number of website visitors increased tremendously since launching the new website.