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Kauai SEO Service

General SEO vs. Local SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been a big topic for all businesses.

Everybody wants to be searched on the first page of the Search Engines. That’s what SEO experts do: find out the algorithm and affect the ranks of the website to put it on the first page.

In the area of SEO, the small business owners will be more interested in local SEO. Because local SEO only focuses on local searches when users want to find products or services in that area while general SEO has very broad topics on a national or global scale.

Kauai Local SEO

For example, let’s say that you’re visiting Honolulu next week. You want to eat one dinner at authentic Korean Restaurant.

How can you find the best restaurant? Search the internet, right? When you type “honolulu korean restaurant” in Google, you will see the map of Korean Restaurants in Honolulu and their top-ranking websites. These search results are decided by local SEO.

For the small business owners in Hawaii like us, Hawaii local SEO is crucial for the tourists to find us on the internet even before they arrive here.

Our Kauai SEO Service

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO creates the best result when it works with other information such as:

the information of business owner
the information on the website
social profiles
customers-provided reviews and photos.

When all the information match together, Search Engines recognize it’s you and confidently display your information.

Kauai SEO Agency

If you are serious about SEO service, please contact us.

When we design your website, we set up basic SEO for you. However, if you want advanced SEO, we will set up Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster, and list your business on Google and Bing. These processes will make sure your business searched by Seach Engines.

Why Google?

Google dominates Search Engine Market
(Over All 75%, Mobile Devices 90%).

Some people may ask, “Why do they only talk about Google? How about Yahoo, or AOL?”  I understand. We used to use AOL and Yahoo 20 years ago.

However, January 2018, Smart Insights posted Statistics on Search Engine Market Share 2017 based on Net Market Share’s Research.

They said that Google was the market leader in 2017 and took 74.54% of search engine market. Bing held 8% and Yahoo held 5%. Especially, Google dominated the market of the mobile devices as holding 90%. Bing and Yahoo got less than 1% each.

Of course, we cannot ignore other Search Engines but Google is leading the industry and establishing its standard. So, we ask you, “Why not Google?”

Google's Mission Statement

We keep up with Google's updates

Google keeps improving their algorithm in order to search the authoritative, reliable and useful information for the users. They change their algorithm about 500 times every year.

We also keep up with their updates and make sure that your website is searched quickly.

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