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How to find the link to Google My Business

One of our most frequently asked questions is “how can we request our customers to write a review on Google” or “how to find the link to Google My Business page?” Most business owners have a hard time to find the fixed URL (URL: the address of a World Wide Web page) for their Google Business page.

In this article, we will help you to understand how Google works and show you 3 methods to find the URL of your Google page.

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Google is not a social media, it’s a global search engine
Method 1. Using Google Search Query
Method 2. Finding CID
Method 3. Installing a Chrome Extension

Google is not a social media, it’s a global search engine

It’s easy to find URL for your Facebook or Yelp page.
But URL for Google My Business page keeps changing depending on how we find it.

We need to understand that Google is not a social media platform. It’s a universal search engine (it dominates the global market overall 75%, mobile devices 90% based on 2017 market share). (Resource)

Then, what are the differences between social media and search engines? Let us give you one of the examples.

Nobody will open “your” business page on Facebook or Yelp. “Only you or your agency” will open your social media pages.
Yet, on Google, anybody in public can open your business page.
Google Maps is made with an open source and anybody can input the local information in order to improve the Maps.
Google calls those contributors “Google Local Guide”.
Due to the contributions from the public, Google can apply any changes in real time and quickly fix incorrect information.

Even if you never opened your business page on Google, you may be able to find your business page on Google Maps. It’s because somebody opened your page to improve their local information on Google Maps. Now, people can leave reviews on your business page and even they can change your information if it’s not correct.

“If you don’t own your page yet, we highly recommend you to claim your business as soon as possible before someone else claim it.”

On social media, you can control your information as you want.
But, the information on Google is the information for the public. You don’t own that information. That’s why you need to get the verification and approval process even when you change your information on Google.

Good news is that Google opens its source and encourages developers to create useful apps via API.

Here we introduce 3 ways how to find the link to Google My Business page through their open source.

1. Using Google Search Query

Have you typed your business name on Google?
Do you see your business page on the right side of the search results?
If you can see your business page like the following image, you can use this simple method.

Type the following URL on the internet browser, then you will see your business page.


“www.google.com/search?q=” is the default URL for Google Search Query.
Right after “q=”, you can input the keywords you want to search. In this case, input your business name. Instead of inputting a space key, input “+” between the keywords. (“+” means “AND”)

For example, our business name is Kauai eBiz. When you input the following URL, you will find Kauai eBiz business page.


Link to Google My Business

To search Ali’i Air Tours, you can just input the following URL.


This link works on any browsers. (Not only Google Chrome but also Safari, FireFox or MS Edge)

Even though this method is simple, we don’t recommend it for the permanent purpose because it’s not reliable. When the search results change, it will lead to wrong places.

If you are looking for the permanent link, please check the next two methods.

2. Finding Your CID

CID will is the identification of your business page on Google Maps. Once you find your CID, URL will be


Let us show you how to find your CID step by step.

First, search your business on Google and make sure only your page is searched.

If other business pages are searched together, you will also find their CIDs on the same page. Adjust your search words or add your address in order to pick only your business.

Then, move your mouse on the page and click the right button.

Link to Google My Business View Source

In the drop menu, choose View page source. Then you will see the page coding.

Hit “Ctrl” + “F” keys and search “ludocid=“.
The 20 digit-number between “ludocid=” and “&” is your CID.
In our case, CID is 16994382681390998721.

(If “Ctrl” + “F” keys are not allowed on your browser, just copy the whole page and paste it on your editor such as MS Word. Then you can find it.)

Google My Business Source Code

Sometimes it shows as 0x7c07a9712d695555:0xebd82d02355c64c1. It’s just the same value in a different form (hexadecimal).

The following URL is our permanent address for Google Business.


Now it’s your turn to find your CID and permanent URL. Why don’t you try it yourself?

3. Installing a Chrome Extension

If you’re a Google Chrome user, installing the extension will be the best. The extension is called “GatherUp Google Review Link Generator” by GatherUp.com.

They will not only find your CID but also provide you with the direct link to write a review on your Google Business page.

Click here to get the extension.

Here is the instruction copied from the developer’s page:

1. Install the Google Review Link generator as a Chrome Extension
2. Head to Google search
3. Search for your company + address and retrieve a single Knowledge Panel result for the business
4. Select the GatherUp Extension and you will be directed to a new page that includes the “Write a Review link”


Hope this article helps you to understand more about Google and to get the link to your own Google Business page.

If you have any problems to find your link, leave a comment. We will find the link for you.

We do our best to support our local business owners. If you have any other questions regarding websites or IT, please feel free to leave a comment. Your question may be the topic of our next blog.