Kauai Attorneys & Lawyers Website (under development)

Hawaii Attorneys Website

Hawaii Attorneys & Lawyers Website
(under development)

*This site is still under development. So, the site is hosted under our sub domain: http://dhl.kauaiebiz.com/

**This project is being delayed due to our clients’ situation.


Our clients wanted to be ranked on Google under a certain search word. We rearranged the site structure and texts (heading & paragraph) in order for Google to recognize the search keyword. 

And, the clients emphasized their winning records of legal cases in the court. So, we posted a slideshow of the settlement numbers and case summaries under the header image.

Also, they wanted to introduce each attorney and staff member on his/her own page. Visitors can easily navigate and access the profile of each member.

Even if it’s not done yet, you can see how we develop the site by visiting here.


  • Slides Displaying Winning Records
  • Easy Navigation of Members Profiles
  • Site Structure Improving SEO

Kauai Cafe Restaurant Website

Kauai Cafe Restaurant Website

Kauai Cafe Restaurant Website

*This website is not for a real business. We made it as a sample.

We installed an Online Reservation and Online Order function in this Kauai Cafe website.  As more people enjoy the convenience of Online Order, cafes and restaurants on Kauai also will use this function sooner or later. 

This is just a sample website and we need to activate the online order function when we use it for a real business. 

Hawaii Yoga Studio Website

Personal Blog Design

Personal Blog Design Hawaii

Personal Blog Design

This site is a personal blog of a life coach.

We used “aqua” as a theme color. Not only it’s her favorite color but also it matches her energy well.

The overall concept of the site is simplicity. Users can easily navigate the articles based on topics and subscribe the newsletter.

To design this personal blog, we chose a template and customized CSS. 

Life Coach Online Lecture Website

Life Coach Online Lecture Website

Life Coach Online Lecture Website

This website is designed for a life coaching and an online lecture. 

The YouTube video will stay on top of the screen even if the visitors scroll down to read texts (sticky video function).

And, the lectures are categorized by topics, so visitors can easily find the lectures they want.

It’s connected to PayPal payment.

Our Focuses

  • Sticky Video Function (Java Script)
  • Categorized Lectures by Topics
  • Connected to PayPal

One Page Brochure Website

One Page Brochure Website

One Page Brochure Website

Our client urgently contacted us because he needed a website for his business opportunity. 

We just made a simple splash page with a slideshow before the deadline. (Obviously he was very happy.)

It’s just one page brochure website introducing a short description and contact information.