[Portfolio] Kauai Career Fair Landing Page

Kauai Career Fair Landing Page

[Portfolio] Kauai Career Fair Landing Page

This is a landing page for Kauai Career Fair. We added several dynamic elements in this site, in order to make the fair look exciting. The scrolling design provides active energy of the event, and the count-down timer shows that the event is starting soon!

Most of all, we kept the process simple to become a sponsor and/or book a vendor’s table. 


  • Scrolling elements to add active energy on the site
  • Count-down timer to show how many days are left
  • Scrolling button to be a sponsor
  • Integrating with Google Map to show the location

[Portfolio] Farm Cook Kauai – Private Chef

[Portfolio] Farm Cook Kauai Private Chef

[Portfolio] Farm Cook Kauai - Private Chef

The owner is a private chef and she loves gardening and cooking. She has posted dozens of organic cooking recipes in her original website. 

She contacted us to improve her SEO. Soon, we found out that her cooking site is losing ranks because it was designed with an outdated theme and was infected by malicious ware. Google doesn’t like unsecured and slow websites. So, we decided to redesign her website.

We focused on her recipe blog because a genuinely-written blog can improve SEO a lot. And designed the website to look professional.


  • Organic Cooking Recipe Blog
  • Catering Menu Navigation
  • Contact Form

[Portfolio] The 808 Coworking Space Kauai

The 808 Coworking Space Kauai

The 808 Coworking Space Kauai

The 808 Coworking Space is a shared office space in Lihue. It has 3 private offices, 1 conference room, and different kinds of desks (cubicle, counter, height-adjustable desk, etc).

We focused on user experience, so that site visitors can easily navigate the office space and register membership seamlessly. 

Also, we embedded Google Calendar on the Event page, so the site syncs with the manager’s schedule on Google.

One month after setting SEO, this site reached #1 in the search result of “Coworking space Kauai”, and “Shared office Kauai”.


  • Easy navigation to see the space and memberships
  • Seamless integration with the membership registration
  • Event Page syncing with Google Calendar
  • Integrating with Newsletter Subscription
  • Local SEO - Kauai coworking space / Kauai shared office

[Portfolio-revised] Kauai Mexican Restaurant Website

Kauai Mexican Restaurant Website - Paco's Tacos

Paco's Tacos Kauai
Mexican Restaurant Website

We focused on 4 features as revising Paco’s Tacos Kauai website:

1. Showing all 5 locations including Oahu store
2. Converting Menu (image files) into text
3. Catering Page
4. Online shop selling gifts

Google Analytics shows that the number of website visitors increased tremendously (about 600%) compared to last year.


1. Showing All 5 Locations

Recently, Paco’s Tacos opened additional location in Oahu. To display the new store along with 4 other locations on Kauai, we changed the entire layout of the site.

At the first section of the home page, we presented the location information clearly. So, customers won’t get confused.


2. Converting Menu (image files) into text

We displayed the menu as image files at the original site. The problem of image files is that Google or other search engines can’t read the content on the image. It doesn’t help SEO.

As we revise the site, we converted the menu into a text format. So, search engines can read the menu. For example, when people search “fish taco Kalaheo” on Google, Paco’s Tacos Kauai is picked right away.


3. Catering Page

Catering is another service that Paco’s Tacos focuses on as it started as a food truck. We set up SEO on Catering page, and embedded the ‘Request a quote’ form.

Now, customers can easily discover Paco’s Tacos catering service on Google, and request a quote through the website. The owner receives a notice through his phone as soon as the request is sent.


4. Online Shop Selling Gifts

We open a subdomain, shop.pacostacoskauai.com, to install Woocommerce and connected to Square payment system which they are using in their stores.

[Portfolio] Kauai Tree Trimming Website

Kauai Tree Trimming Website

Kauai Tree Trimming Website

The business owner asked us to make sure that the new site rank higher than his previous website on Google. So, we planned SEO thoroughly before starting the web design project. After launching the new site, it ranked higher than not only his original site, but also other competitors.

We put the button to request a quote on every page, so the visitors can request a quote at any time while browsing the site. 

“Our Satisfied Client” section on home page adds credibility on this tree trimming business on Kauai.


  • SEO (Kauai palm trimming, tree trimming, tree pruning, etc)
  • Easy Browsing (By clicking once or twice, the visitors can find information)
  • Linking to Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Facebook Feeds & Instagram Feeds.

[Portfolio] Vacation House Kauai For Sale

Vacation House Kauai For Sale Website

Vacation House Kauai For Sale Website

We designed a website to promote a vacation house Kauai for SALE. This beautiful beach house (3-bed, 2-bath) in Kapaa has been used for a vacation house and got many 5-star reviews. 

The owner, Duke, puts this house on the market, and we launched this website to explain all the features of the house. Also, we connected to Kauai County’s real property information page, so visitors can see the record and history related to the property.


  • The Google Maps shows the exact location of the property (22°04'15.7"N 159°19'08.7"W)
  • Online Presentation shows all the features of the house