Yamaha Marine Kauai

Yamaha Marine Kauai Website

Yamaha Marine Kauai Website

Background Story

* Its original Wix website was shut down when the owner contacted us and asked help. We did our best to recover the original site. But as he didn’t have login information and couldn’t reach the original web designer, we couldn’t succeed. Finally, we made a new one with a new domain name.

As it’s an authorized Yamaha Dealer, we focused on making it look “professional”. We selected the best promotional images of Yamaha Outboards and designed them to deliver a strong impression to the visitors.

Among several dozens of Yamaha engines and parts, we chose the best selling items to display on a “Catalog” page. 

Also, a simple “About” page shows the visitors the easiest access to the dealer shop.

It’s completely mobile friendly, and visitors can make a phone call or send an email to the shop by just one click on mobile phones.

Please check out the new website of Kauai Yamaha Marine.


  • Professional Design
  • Clear Information on About Page
  • Slider Animation

Public Charter School Website

Public Charter School Website

Hawaiian Public Charter School Website

This Hawaiian Public Charter School‘s website has 30 webpages and more than 230 images & PDF files.

When our client reached us, it has not been updated for several years.

Our client requested

(1) Online Enrollment Applications
(2) Easy Editing and Updating
(3) Syncing with Google Calendar of School Schedule
(4) Connecting with PayPal & Amazon Smile
(5) Google Translator to the Hawaiian Language
(6) HTTPS Secure Connection

The Result

We could satisfy all the requests successfully and launched the new site.

After migrating DNS (Domain Name Server) to Bluehost, we could shorten the loading speed from 6 seconds to 2 seconds after the migration to Bluehost hosting company.

Also, our clients are very happy because they can edit and update the website much more easily than before. We designed the site with Elementor Pagebuilder.

This public charter school teaches Hawaiian culture and language. We are happy to be able to support their beautiful vision.

Pacos Tacos Online Shop Website

Online Shop Website Hawaii

Paco's Tacos Online Shop Design

We focused on 2 things while designing the site:

1.Showing all locations
2.Online shop selling gifts


1. Showing All Locations

The problem started when Paco’s Tacos opened one more branch at Poipu.

Their old website couldn’t show all the locations. And, it caused confusions. Some customers ordered at Poipu but showed up at Kalaheo as the old website guided.

To fix the problem, we redesigned the website as emphasizing all locations. Since we launched the new website, it didn’t confuse the customers.

2. Online Shop Selling Gifts

We used Woocommerce plugin to set up Online Shop and connected to Square payment system which they’ve already used.

It’s easy to manage the size, color, price, shipping and inventory. When they get orders, Woocommerce send them an email in real time.

Google Analytics shows that the number of website visitors increased tremendously since launching the new website.

Hawaii Air Tour Company Website

Air Tour Company in Hawaii website

Hawaii Air Tour Company Website

Our focuses:

• Full Screen Animation Slide
• Seamless Connection to Payment System
• Request a Quote Page

Full Screen Animation Slide

We made an animation slide to provide a virtual experience of flying. The full screen animation challenges the loading speed. We optimized the image and used cache plugin to improve the loading speed. 

Currently, the client is using our maintenance package, so we provide CDN (content delivery network) service which reduce the loading speed a lot.

Hawaii Construction Company Website

Hawaii Construction Company Website

Hawaii Construction Company Website

Our Focuses

  • Clear Presentation of Equipment - Cranes and Forklifts
  • Online Quote Forms for Clear Communications
  • Displaying a few Major Projects

Acupuncture Clinic Website

Acupuncture Clinic Website

Acupuncture Clinic Website

For an acupuncture clinic, the most important information is a phone number, open hours, a location and a link to make an appointment.

We put all that information on the first screen, so visitors can find out what they need without scrolling down. 

And, another important component of the site is client testimonials. Testimonials build credibility on the clinic because they are the voices of clients. We connected the testimonials on social media to the “Testimonials” page. So, when people visit the “Testimonials” page, they can read all the testimonials on Google, Yelp and Facebook in real-time.

This is a powerful tool. Our client told us that already several people became clients after reading their testimonials on the website.

Please check out this acupuncture clinic website.


  • Clear Display of Business Information
  • Connecting with Testimonials on Social Media
  • Link to Online Scheduling App.