[Portfolio] Sportfishing Kauai Website

sportfishing kauai website

Sportfishing Kauai Website

The owner who is born and raised on Kauai just started a new business after experiencing deep sea fishing for over 10 years. 

We made a beautiful slide animation on the home page. The slide section looks like an aquarium inside of which various kinds of fish swim. Definitely, it motivates customers to go out fishing. 

This site is simple but well organized & easy to navigate. 


  • Slide Animation
  • Google Map to show the small boat harbor
  • Easy to contact

[Portfolio] Tree Trimming & Landscaping Kauai

Tree Trimming & Landscaping Kauai Website

Tree Trimming & Landscaping Kauai

Island Roots Tree Trimming is a hardworking local company providing tree trimming & landscaping services. 

The owner wrote the content of the site as if he confidently explains what his services are to his client. To improve the navigation of the site, we put a sidebar menu. When visitors click the menu, the page scroll down to the topic.

Because the site is newly opened, it will take several weeks for Google (other search engines) to recognize this site.


  • Sidebar Menu: Scroll down to the topics - Easy Navigation
  • Request a quote form: Upload 5 images
  • Button to write a review on Google: Because it's a new company, they don't have any reviews yet. People can write reviews by hitting the button on home page.

[Portfolio] A Website for a Church Musician

Website for a Church musicians

A website for a Church Musician

Our client is a musician who compose and perform beautiful church songs. We tried to show her inspiration through this one-page scrolling website.

The “Music Shop” section will direct visitors to the music stores such as Apple iTune, Amazon or CD Baby.


  • Slide Animation
  • Links to music stores
  • One page scrolling site

[Portfolio] Kauai Wedding Officiant Website

Portfolio - Kauai Wedding Officiant Website

Kauai Wedding Officiant Website

The site owner has been serving as an officiant in Kauai for more than 13 years. When she started the business, she made her website with Dreamweaver and uploaded it herself. And, more people found her through the website.

Yet, as the website gets older, it could not catch up with the technical upgrade every year. She realized that the number of her clients reduced lately.

Her website didn’t work for mobile devices and didn’t have HTTPS (SSL secure connection). So, the visitor couldn’t read the site on the phone and didn’t want to provide any valuable information through the not-secure site.

That’s why she contacted us. 

At first, she picked up a sample website she loves. We adapted and tweaked the design concept from the sample site (colors, fonts, and layout) and added more functions that she needed.

The new site makes our client and the client’s customers happier than ever. Please check the website.


  • Online Forms - Inquiry Availability & Booking Agreement
  • Payment Page - Once booking the service, the visitors are redirected to the payment page
  • Categorize the wedding locations on Kauai
  • Organizing the huge amount of content through sub-menus, so the visitors can navigate the site easily
  • Embedding Testimonials of Wedding Wire and Yelp

[Portfolio] Friends of King Kaumualii

portfolio Friends of King Kaumualii Kauai

Non-profit organization
Friends of King Kaumualii

The non-profit organization, Friends of King Kaumualii, is focusing on the project erecting the bronze statue of the last king of Kauai. 

The last king, Kaumulaii saved thousands of lives of the island of Kauai by choosing a peaceful agreement with King Kamehameha who started a war to unify the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai is the only island that didn’t experience major battles at the time.

Many historic documents talk about how he ruled his Kingdom and people with wisdom, peace, and aloha learned from his mother.

The statue will be erected at Pāʻulaʻula (or Russian Fort) in Waimea to memorize his accomplishments.

This website has three sections:

The first section explains about the King and his life.
The second section shows how the bronze statue project is going on.
The third section is about the non-profit organization, The Friends of King Kaumualii.


  • Colors - We researched the historic paintings and used the colors representing Hawaiʻi King (Aliʻi) in the website
  • Embedding the Facebook page
  • Video Lectures & Presentation

[Portfolio] Hey Kauai – Kauai Local News, Weather & Traffic

Kauai local news website

Hey Kauai - Kauai Local News Site

Hey Kauai is not a website built for our clients. We designed this news website to provide useful information to our residents and visitors on Kauai.

We used RSS to fetch latest news from various news websites. Also, used Google Maps JavaScript to show a live traffic map. Also, the Weather page shows the weather forecast of all areas of the island. And, Google Maps shows our community events.


  • News RSS
  • Live Google Traffic Maps
  • Weather Updates of all areas of Kauai
  • Google Calendar to show community events