Acupuncture Clinic Website

Acupuncture Clinic Website

For an acupuncture clinic, the most important information is a phone number, open hours, a location and a link to make an appointment.

We put all that information on the first screen, so visitors can find out what they need without scrolling down. 

And, another important component of the site is client testimonials. Testimonials build credibility on the clinic because they are the voices of clients. We connected the testimonials on social media to the “Testimonials” page. So, when people visit the “Testimonials” page, they can read all the testimonials on Google, Yelp and Facebook in real-time.

This is a powerful tool. Our client told us that already several people became clients after reading their testimonials on the website.

Please check out this acupuncture clinic website.


  • Clear Display of Business Information
  • Connecting with Testimonials on Social Media
  • Link to Online Scheduling App.