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About Us

Aloha. We are Mary and Shawn.

We fell in love with Kauai and settled down on the west side 3 years ago. Before we moved to here, both of us worked in a non-profit organization in Sedona, Arizona.

While working as a meditation teacher and life coach, we developed and managed several websites including an online shopping site for yoga products.

What we love

As life coaches, we love helping people to discover their potential and to achieve their goals in life. We use our coaching skills while developing websites in order to bring out the best ideas from our clients.

About Kauai EBiz

Why did we start a web design company in Kauai?

As a million tourists visit Kauai every year, websites take an important role in all the small businesses. However, we found out that many of the business owners still have old websites (which people cannot read on their phone) or don’t have a website at all. In our experience, having a decent website is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

We believe every business deserves a website serving its purpose. So, we decided to support the economy of our community by providing Kauai Web Design services to the small business owners.

Meet Our Team Members

Shawn Sungwook Lee

Online Marketing Consultant, Web Designer

Mary McKinley-Lee profile

Mary McKinley-Lee, CPA

Financial Health Coach


Happiness Enhancer, Stress Reducer

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