[Portfolio-revised] Kauai Mexican Restaurant Website

Kauai Mexican Restaurant Website - Paco's Tacos

Paco's Tacos Kauai
Mexican Restaurant Website

We focused on 4 features as revising Paco’s Tacos Kauai website:

1. Showing all 5 locations including Oahu store
2. Converting Menu (image files) into text
3. Catering Page
4. Online shop selling gifts

Google Analytics shows that the number of website visitors increased tremendously (about 600%) compared to last year.


1. Showing All 5 Locations

Recently, Paco’s Tacos opened additional location in Oahu. To display the new store along with 4 other locations on Kauai, we changed the entire layout of the site.

At the first section of the home page, we presented the location information clearly. So, customers won’t get confused.


2. Converting Menu (image files) into text

We displayed the menu as image files at the original site. The problem of image files is that Google or other search engines can’t read the content on the image. It doesn’t help SEO.

As we revise the site, we converted the menu into a text format. So, search engines can read the menu. For example, when people search “fish taco Kalaheo” on Google, Paco’s Tacos Kauai is picked right away.


3. Catering Page

Catering is another service that Paco’s Tacos focuses on as it started as a food truck. We set up SEO on Catering page, and embedded the ‘Request a quote’ form.

Now, customers can easily discover Paco’s Tacos catering service on Google, and request a quote through the website. The owner receives a notice through his phone as soon as the request is sent.


4. Online Shop Selling Gifts

We open a subdomain, shop.pacostacoskauai.com, to install Woocommerce and connected to Square payment system which they are using in their stores.

Why are my search-results different from my customers’ search-results (and how to fix it)?

Sometimes, our clients ask us, “when I searched for my business on Google, my business appears on the top, on Google Maps. But, my customers complain that they can’t find my business at all. Why does this happen? Why are my search-results different from my customers’ search-results?”

We understand their frustration. It’s one of the most common situations that happen in search engines. In this article, we will explain why this occurs and how to fix it.


Why are my search-results different from others’ search-results?
Reason 1. Your location will influence
Google Local Pack
Reason 2. The user’s browsing behaviors influence search results.
Two Simple Solutions to Compensate for the differences
Solution1: search as an anonymous user
Solution2: add an additional search URL parameter, &near=location

Why are my search-results different from others’ search-results?

Every search result is slightly different based on the user’s browsing behavior and geographical location. Especially local searches on Google Maps heavily depend on the user’s location.

It’s because search engines are adopting User Experience (UX) in order to provide the best experience to each user.

The two factors that influence the individual’s search results:

1. Geographical Location
2. Personal Browsing Experiences

Reason 1. Your location will influence “Google Local Pack”

When you search for local businesses, you will see Google Maps with three chosen businesses. Google picks those three businesses on the Maps and we call it “Google Local Pack”. It’s a powerful feature to boost local businesses.

Google Maps Local Packs-Kapaa Kauai
An example of Google Local Pack

What you need to understand is that Google picks the Local Pack based on the user’s location. Therefore, the user’s search-results in Kapaa will be different than the user’s search-results in Kalaheo.

I met a few business owners who thought their business was ranked at the top on Google Maps because they only googled in their own office. So, it makes sense that Google would always pick the closest business from their office which is their business. Later, they discovered that they couldn’t find their business on Google Maps when they visited another town. It’s a big shock for them.

It’s a disappointing feeling. Yet, only when we diagnose the situation correctly, we can improve it. After the right assessment and SEO setup, they could get more customers/orders/requests. It’s a Happy ending!

Reason 2. The user’s browsing behaviors influence search results.

Each person has unique browsing behaviors and the search engines apply their browsing history to the search results. 

Your browsing behaviors don’t just mean which websites you’ve visited. They also include how long you stayed at each site, how much you scrolled down on each page, what flow you follow (behavior flow on each website), which device (desktop, tablet, or mobile phone) you’re using, and so on. 

Browsing Behavior Flow
An example of browsing behavior flow

How do they know all this information? Please read this article if you want more details: How Google Collects Data About You and the Internet (open in new tab)

Then, How does your browsing behavior affect search results?

Let me give you an example. If you visit a certain website every week, the search engine will put it at a higher rank. Yet, while you visited another website if you clicked the back button and left the site within 3 seconds, then the search engine would put that site at a lower rank in your next search.

So, Google will pick your business site at a higher rank if you have visited your own website frequently.  On the contrary, your customer may find different results because they don’t have the same preferences that you have.

Two Simple Solutions to Compensate for the differences

How can we compensate for the differences and see the same search results as our customers do?

Here we suggest two simple solutions.

1. Search as an anonymous user: Logout, Incognito, Private, or InPrivate
2. To change your search location, use an additional parameter: “&near=”

Solution1: search as an anonymous user

To be free from your browsing history, search as an anonymous user.

You can be anonymous by logging out of your browser. Yet, this could be annoying if you have several tabs and windows open since you need to log out and in repeatedly. 

The easier way to be anonymous is to use a private browser. Chrome uses “Incognito” for private browsing. Firefox uses “Private” and Microsoft Edge “InPrivate”. As marketers, we only use private browsers when we do research.

How to use Incognito Chrome
Opening a new Incognito window in Chrome

Solution2: add an additional search URL parameter, &near=location

In our previous article, we explained that Google never searches the internet in real-time. Instead, it just picks the best matching result from the Search index which was pre-sorted by the ranking system. That’s how Google can bring you more than 1 million search-results within a second.

Click here to read our article about how Google work.

By inputting the keywords in the search box on Google, you will see the search result. Another way is inputting the URL directly. By doing so, you can also access the same search index.

For example, if you are searching “Family restaurants Kauai”, you can type “family restaurants Kauai” in the search box on Google. When you see the web address bar in the browser, you will find the basic URL and the additional parameters.

Google search URL parameter
When you input keywords, the browser accesses the index by using a specific URL.

The basic search URL of Google is 


In this case, the basic URL will be 


“+” means “AND” or “Space”. And, behind of “&oq=” will be additional parameters.

Actually, you can delete the additional parameters and input only the basic URL in the web address bar.


Now, let’s find out how we can access the search results which are requested in different locations.

For the task, we need to add a magical parameter behind the basic URL: &near=your+location

Let’s say we want to see the search result of the same keyword requested in Kapaa. Then, we can input:


(You can change the order:

If we want to see the result in Koloa, we can input: 


More examples of the parameter, “&near=”

For the search results of “Wedding Photographers Kauai” requested in Kalaheo:


(Again you can change the order:

For the search results of “affordable rental cars Kauai” requested in Seattle:


For the search results of “gas station” requested in Honolulu airport:



Search engines are adopting UX (User Experience) in order to provide the best experience to users. So, every search result is slightly different based on the user’s browsing behavior. Sometimes, it confusions small business owners.

In this article, we explained how it happens and how to fix it.

Using a private window with the magical parameter “&near=” will compensate for the differences. It will also save lots of money and time. (Can you imagine if you have to visit all the different locations to check all the results?)

If you have more questions about SEO or Web Design for small businesses, please contact us. We will do our best to help you understand SEO better.

[Portfolio] Kauai Tree Trimming Website

Kauai Tree Trimming Website

Kauai Tree Trimming Website

The business owner asked us to make sure that the new site rank higher than his previous website on Google. So, we planned SEO thoroughly before starting the web design project. After launching the new site, it ranked higher than not only his original site, but also other competitors.

We put the button to request a quote on every page, so the visitors can request a quote at any time while browsing the site. 

“Our Satisfied Client” section on home page adds credibility on this tree trimming business on Kauai.


  • SEO (Kauai palm trimming, tree trimming, tree pruning, etc)
  • Easy Browsing (By clicking once or twice, the visitors can find information)
  • Linking to Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Facebook Feeds & Instagram Feeds.

[Portfolio] Vacation House Kauai For Sale

Vacation House Kauai For Sale Website

Vacation House Kauai For Sale Website

We designed a website to promote a vacation house Kauai for SALE. This beautiful beach house (3-bed, 2-bath) in Kapaa has been used for a vacation house and got many 5-star reviews. 

The owner, Duke, puts this house on the market, and we launched this website to explain all the features of the house. Also, we connected to Kauai County’s real property information page, so visitors can see the record and history related to the property.


  • The Google Maps shows the exact location of the property (22°04'15.7"N 159°19'08.7"W)
  • Online Presentation shows all the features of the house

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Images for Commercial Use (Updated 2019)

We judge the quality of the site, based on the quality of the images.

Images are important.
When we visit a website, we see the images first and judge the quality of the website even before we read the article.

It’s not our fault. It’s just how our brain works.

Our brain loves to use various senses to receive information. Survey says that 94 percent of content with visuals get more views than textual content. And it happens very quickly. As research says, the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.

So, we open the site; scan the images in a blink of eyes; and judge the quality of the site based on the quality of the images and design.

In that sense, I agree with Vistaprint’s article. It says, “High-quality images allow viewers to make an educated decision about the value of your site. You spend hours poring over the content of your website, why wouldn’t you apply the same considerations to your images?”

Paid Stock Photos vs. Free Stock Photos

To improve the quality of images, experts suggest paying for premium stock photos. I used to do that. And I’m still doing it if I need to. Yet, purchasing images for each post and page is quite expensive.

Luckily, while web designing, I found many resources where I can download high-quality images for free. Many professional or amateur photographers are sharing their arts for free. I appreciate their inspiring work and contribution.

Among these resources, let me share my selections with you.


Photographers put lots of efforts to capture the right scenes. They deserved to be rewarded.

You may think that you can find any images on Google and use them. But, Google warns you that those “Images may be subject to copyright”. If you happen to use copyrighted images that belong to digital agencies on your website, you may face serious legal troubles. I’ve heard of several cases.

Don’t worry. All images that I’m introducing here have public domain equivalent license. They are copyright-free photography and you can use them for personal and commercial purposes. But, there are certain restrictions which sound like common sense to me. If you want to know more about it, please check this article.

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Images for Commercial Use (Updated 2019)

I update this article because I’ve found a few more resources since posting the first article.

1. Unsplash

Still, my favorite site is Unsplash. When you search “Hawaii” or “Kauai” in Unsplash, you will find amazing photos about Hawaii or Kauai. (Click to see)

It’s also the most famous site for web designers and web developers. They use photos from Unsplash when they make a sample website.

According to Wikipedia, Unsplash has been cited as one of the world’s leading photography websites by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNET, Medium and The Next Web.

My banner image for this article is made of Unsplash’s images.

2. Pixabay

For the last few months, I’ve used several images from Pixabay. It has stunning images of nature. with the highest quality.

You can find the highest quality images in Pixabay. Especially their wallpaper images are stunning. Even you can find free 4K videos.

Also, check out: Morning Images, Nature Images, 4K Videos

Sample 4K Video
from Pixabay

  • In mobile device, the video will not be played.

3. Rawpixel

If you’re looking for the images with specific concepts, then try rawpixel.com. You can find many creative images and vectors to fit your needs. You can re-design and tweak as you desire. I found this site recently and love it.

You need to open your account to download images from Rawpixel. It just takes 30 seconds to open it. You can choose a free plan which allows you to download up to 100 images per month from their free collection.

These are sample free images from Rawpixel.

Hawaii Web Desgin Download Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

4. Canva

Canva is for social media and blog posts. They have various ready-made templates which you can use for all kinds of social media platforms. You can choose a template and change images and texts. It’s very convenient to use.

You can use basic images in your free plan. If you want to use high-quality images, you can purchase them. Visit Canva.


A sample image designed with Canva

5. Last but not least

I introduced my favorite sites to download free stock images for commercial use. There are more sites that you can find the images on. Check these sites and select your own favorites.



The efforts of anonymous contributors have developed our internet.

For instance, we’re now sharing our knowledge on Wikipedia, local information on Google Maps, and our artistic talents on Unsplash. We are building a collective database that anybody can access through the internet.

These free stock images are another benefit that we can get from our collective database. The best way to show our appreciation is making the most use of them and sharing the benefits with more people. It’s like paying it forward.

I hope these resources help you to share your knowledge, talents, and inspiration with more people.

Mahalo nui.

* We wrote this article to support our Hawaii Web Design service.

[Portfolio] Yamaha Marine Kauai

Yamaha Marine Kauai Website

Yamaha Marine Kauai Website

Background Story

* Its original Wix website was shut down when the owner contacted us and asked help. We did our best to recover the original site. But as he didn’t have login information and couldn’t reach the original web designer, we couldn’t succeed. Finally, we made a new one with a new domain name.

As it’s an authorized Yamaha Dealer, we focused on making it look “professional”. We selected the best promotional images of Yamaha Outboards and designed them to deliver a strong impression to the visitors.

Among several dozens of Yamaha engines and parts, we chose the best selling items to display on a “Catalog” page. 

Also, a simple “About” page shows the visitors the easiest access to the dealer shop.

It’s completely mobile friendly, and visitors can make a phone call or send an email to the shop by just one click on mobile phones.

Please check out the new website of Kauai Yamaha Marine.


  • Professional Design
  • Clear Information on About Page
  • Slider Animation