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Archives for October 11, 2019

How to use Emoji on Computer (Mac & PC) 🤙🏄🏼‍♂️✨

Emoji is the universal language in social media. Small icons can show non-verbal expressions such as facial expressions, favorite food or places. 

In communication, non-verbal expressions are as important as verbal expressions. So, when we use a smartphone or social media, we naturally want to share our emotions. Adding a few emojis in the text can be a perfect way to do so.

Even though we type the same text, depending on the facial expression, the meanings can be quite different.

“I see 😊”
“I see… 😕”

It’s the power of emojis.

Not only that, but emojis also make your message pop among other boring text. If you’re posting on Craigslist, try to use a couple of emojis. Your post will catch people’s eyes right away. 

As more people use emojis, the desktop adapted the emoji input. In this article, you will learn how to use emoji on the computer either Mac or PC.


1. Emoji Keyboard Shortcut on Mac
2. Emoji Keyboard Shortcut on PC
3. Type Emoji on Mac
4. Type emoji on PC

First, put the cursor inside of the input area. Then, follow the following shortcuts.

emoji input box2
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1. Emoji Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

“Command” + “Control” + “Space”

emoji shortcut keyboard on Mac

*If the shortcut doesn’t work, you might have a different key binding. Then, please check here

2. Emoji Keyboard Shortcut on PC

While holding the window key (), hit the semicolon key (;).

emoji shortcut keyboard on PC

while holding the window key (), hit the period key (.).

emoji shortcut keyboard on PC

*If you donʻt want to remember the shortcut, you can check here.

3. Type Emoji on Mac

Go to “Edit” on the top menu. Then, click “Emoji & Symbols” on the dropdown menu.

Emoji & Symbols Menu on Mac

4.Type emoji on PC

When you set an emoji keyboard, you donʻt need to remember the shortcuts. Once you set it up, it’s really easy to use whenever you need it.

(1) Move your mouse over the taskbar. Usually, the bar is located on the bottom of the screen. Then, click the right mouse button and click “Show touch keyboard button”. 

show touch keyboard button for emoji

*It’s a toggle button. If you want to turn it off later, you can click it again.

(2)You will find a new icon of the touch keyboard on the taskbar. Click the icon.

emoji touch keyboard button

(3)Then, the keyboard will show up. The smiley key located next to the space bar is the emoji key.

emoji touch keyboard smiley button

(4)When you click the emoji key, the emoji keyboard will show up. 

emoji touch keyboard


Now, you can add emojis on your social media through your laptop or desktop. Also, you can add them to your website as we did on our “About Us” page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. Mahalo for reading.